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how do i care for my earrings?

If your earrings get a little dirty, clean polymer clay and resin pieces with a baby wipe or wash gently with soap and water. For brass and metal, clean with a polishing cloth or other metal safe cleaners. Allow earrings to dry before wearing them again. Do not let chemicals touch your earrings as they can dissolve the clay and resin. To avoid breaking, do not apply pressure to them (laying down, sitting on, or resting your phone or hand on them). Please avoid bending pieces and store them safely in a box or a jewelry stand.

do you offer custom orders?

If you are interested in a custom order, please fill out the contact form on the home page, so we can work together to create a work of art just for you! 
All custom orders will be priced based on size, quantity, and time spent. The cost of custom orders will vary but there is no extra charge. Full payment is be required prior to starting the custom order. For more information please send me a message!

do you offer wholesale?

What is your return policy?

Please visit the Store Policies page to view the return policy.

Do you offer gift cards?

Physical cards are currently unavailable. E-gift cards are available for purchase on the Gift Card page.

What are the payment options?

Oliver Bean Designs accepts debit and credit cards in the online store. Cash and cards are accepted for in-person sales.

Don't see the answer to your question?

If you could not find the answer you are seeking, please send me a message from the located on the Home Page.

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